Club Championship Divisions

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Below is the link to the divisional tables for this years club championships.

Where it has not been possible to determine a runners RunBritain ranking they have been placed in Division 4 until their ranking can be determined, after which they will be placed in the appropriate division.

There are 36 ranking places between the lowest and highest ranking divisions within the club, and by spliting the championship into 4 division it results in the divisions being made up as follows:

Division 1

  • -1.8 (lowest) to 6.9 – 8.7 ranking places between lowest to highest

Division 2

  • 7 to 15.9 – 8.9 ranking places between lowest to highest

Division 3

  • 16 to 24.9 – 8.9 ranking places between lowest to highest

Division 4

  • 25 to 33.9 (highest) – 8.9 ranking places between lowest to highest.  

NOTE: Division 4 will range from 25 to 36 ranking places which is the maximum ranking on RunBritain.  This is to ensure that any new members who have been allocated a ranking higher than the current highest ranking within the club, will be included in the club championships (RunBritain rankings end at 36).

The RunBritain rankings, which will be used during the club championships were obtained in mid April, therefore might not reflect a runners current ranking.

The divisions can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Club Championships 2017-18 Divisions

If you think your ranking is incorrect by a significant amount can you let the club championship coordinator know.

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