Cybi Striders Club Rules 


Constitution Rules shall always take precedence over Club Rules wherever there are any disputes or confusion. The committee will decide any issues. These club rules can only be altered or amended by the Committee or at an AGM


  1. Any member(s) bringing the club into disrepute, whether verbally, in written form or via social media will be subject to disciplinary action as per the Constitution (paragraph 12).
  1. Any member undertaking club business, for example attending the Borders League AGM, will be eligible for expenses as decided by the Committee at the time. No one will receive funding if they are in receipt of payment from other source, for example Welsh Athletics. Receipts for expenses should be presented to the Treasurer before payment is given, unless pre-agreed with the Treasurer.
  1. Administration rights to the club’s social media accounts will only be granted to a limited number of committee members (not ordinary club members), and will follow Welsh Athletics guidance on administrating the content. 2 factor authentication will be used where possible.
    Anyone leaving the Committee will have these rights removed.
  1. Club Kit – All club members are encouraged to wear club kit at all events wherever practical. Club kit must be worn at North Wales Cross Country League races and Borders League races.
  1. The club’s London Marathon place
    To apply for the club’s allocated place members must have:

    1. Applied for the ballot and not got a place in the marathon. Evidence must be provided of unsuccessful application.
    2. Been full members of the club for at least 12 months.
    3. Not had the club’s allocated place in previous years.
    4. All eligible members’ names will be placed into a draw
    5. If no members fit criteria 1-3 then rule 3 can be removed and all eligible members entered into the draw.
    6. If no members fit criteria 1 and 3 then all full members that have been in the club for at least 12 months may be entered into the draw at their request.
    7. Club kit must also be worn by the member that is given the club’s London Marathon place.
  1. The Club Championship will be held annually. The format will be agreed prior to its commencement. Trophies will be awarded at the Christmas Party/Presentation Night.