[toggle type=”white” title=”How do I become a member?”]To become a member of Cybi Striders running club you must fill out a simple application form which you can obtain from the documents section[/toggle]
[toggle type=”white” title=”How much does it cost to become a member?”]£10 from April to April[/toggle]
[toggle type=”white” title=”Does membership include Welsh Athletics Affiliation?”]No. From April 2011 the Welsh Affiliation price has increased now being £15.[/toggle]
[toggle type=”white” title=”Do I have to become a member to run with you?”]No. Anyone and everyone is welcome to run with us, whether a member or not. It would be nice to have more members and there are benefits of being an affiliated runner, however, no one will ever put pressure upon you to become a member of Cybi Striders.[/toggle]
[toggle type=”white” title=”Would I benefit being a member of the Welsh Athletics Affliation or not?”]Being affiliated gives you good discounts off most races. If you enter 8 or more races a year then it is probably worth being affiliated because the cost will be paid off from the discount given on the races you enter. If you race less than 8 times a year then it is probably not worth being an affiliated member of the Welsh Athletics.

NB. If you are not affiliated then you must enter any races as UNAFFILIATED. The Welsh Athletics Affiliation are really strict with persons falsely claiming to be affiliated to get entry fee’s at a cheaper race.[/toggle]


[toggle type=”white” title=”What distance is covered on a training run?”]Usually 5-6 miles on a Wednesday night and slightly longer on Sunday mornings however, we welcome beginners who can cover 3 miles – there is always someone to train with.[/toggle]
[toggle type=”white” title=”Should I wait until I am fit enough before coming along to training?”]We have plenty of beginners (and occasionally members recovering from an injury) and a group is always available for those that are still finding their fitness. However we do suggest that you do some running before you come if possible and it is recommended to get your doctors approval before starting an activity like running.[/toggle]
[toggle type=”white” title=”What day does the club meet?”]During the winter when the sun sets early, there are three locations the club meets for training which alternate in turn each week. McDonalds car park in Holyhead, Farm and Pet Place in Llangefni and Menai Bridge, Four Crosses car park all at 7pm. In spring when the clocks go forward and it is lighter in the evenings, we add a route in Bodedern.
If you are on Facebook, Cybi Striders page gives regular updates where and when the club are meeting up next.
Sunday training is usually determined on the Wednesday run.[/toggle]
[toggle type=”white” title=”Are the club night runs really fast and do you leave people behind?”]The club has many members and so has a wide range of different running paces. There will always be someone willing to go running at your pace. We never leave any runner alone that is new to the club or is unfamiliar with our training routes.[/toggle]
[toggle type=”white” title=”Do I have to attend every training run?”]Not at all! You can come when you can make it and if you feel like it, there is no pressure to attend every week.[/toggle]

Club Merchandise

[toggle type=”white” title=”Do I have to get club running kit?”]If you decide to become a member we would like you to be proud enough of the club to wear the club kit but it is your choice whether to purchase or not. If you are hoping to enter races many say club vests must be worn if in an affiliated club.[/toggle]


[toggle type=”white” title=”If I am injured can I swop my race number with someone else?”]This is not recommended unless you contact the race organisers first. In a small race it could just be a simple phone call and a switch of names, but in big events they may have very strict rules about number swopping and could result in the people involved being banned from WA (and affiliated clubs) for 12 months. Some big races will have transfer windows about a month before the race, some will offer automatic entry into the following years race if you cannot run this one.[/toggle]


[toggle type=”white” title=”I am unable to compete in an upcoming race, what do I do with my race number?”]Some races allow competitors to swap numbers so long as the organisers are informed. Number swapping is otherwise strictly not permitted as it undermines not only the accurate recording of results and prizes but, in the case of a medical emergency, presents major issues for the treatment and (contacting next of kin) of a misidentified runner. Race organisers are taking an increasingly firm line in this area.
If in doubt, contact the race director as soon as possible.[/toggle]