Lifting Athletics out of Lockdown

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Moving out of lockdown: The starting point

“The coronavirus will remain a serious risk to us until a vaccine or an effective
treatment is available. So, as we start to consider moving out of the rigid but effective control
measures that we first put in place, we are clear that this is a process of managing, not
eliminating risk.
Much as we might want it to, ‘normal’ life will not be possible for many months – possibly
Welsh Government, Unlocking Our Society.”

This guidance document applies solely to Athletics in Wales and covers the steps outlined
in the Welsh Government’s blueprint for unlocking society 1:
1. Explain where we are now in terms of preparing to lift restrictions
2. Set out how we will review any changes we wish to make to the restrictions
3. Outline our proposed ‘traffic light’ approach to lifting lockdown
4. Indicate the further guidance we plan to produce

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