Revised Club Championships – Rules

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Individuals competing in the club championship will be placed in one of four divisions based on their RunBritain rankings as of April 2017.  



Scoring is based on a runner’s position within the finishing order for the division the runner has been allocated too.  100 points will be allocated to 1st, 99 to 2nd, 98 to 3rd, and so on.


For a runner to win their division, their objective is to amass the highest cumulative points total from any seven out of the fifteen races in the 2017-18 club championships.


Runners will need to complete a minimum of seven races to be eligible to receive a trophy for winning their division.


There will be no segregation of competitors within the divisions.  Individuals will be competing against runners with similar abilities irrespective of age or gender.


Runners will not be promoted/demoted to a higher/lower division should their RunBritain ranking change during the 2017/18 club championships.


Runners who do not currently have a RunBritain ranking will, once they have completed a club championship race, be placed in a division based on their ability as decided by the club championship co-ordinator.  


Once a RunBritain ranking is allocated to that runner, then their position within the club championship divisions will be reviewed by the club championship co-ordinator.  When it is determined that an individual should be placed in a different division than initial allocated, then this will be agreed by the club committee and changed as necessary.


If at the end of the championship two runners within a division are on equal points, then the total points accumulated from club championship races they have participated in will be used to determine the winner.


Individuals will be included in the club championships once they have joined or renewed their membership of the club. Any result from races they have participated in prior to joining or renewing their membership will not count towards the club championships.


If when entering a club championship race, the individual has not stipulated “Cybi” as their club, then the club championship co-ordinator will not be held responsible if their result is omitted from the club championship results for that race.


Where races are chip timed, the competitors finishing positions will be based on the “Chip Time” and not the “Gun Time”.


The club championship rules will be reviewed on a regular basis, and may be amended as required at any time.  Any amendment to the club championship rules will be agreed by the Club Committee prior to implementation.

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